Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This is my inspiration.

I made this design board as I was anticipating a lot of big changes coming my way in 2013 and boy was I right!

Today is my day  and tomorrow everything starts anew. It's simultaneously a nice feeling and a TERRIFYING feeling. Totally new? Are you kidding me? I was good at my old life!

But as one of my resolutions or intentions for myself in this new year, I am going to celebrate my life. All the accomplishments and all the challenges. Celebrate every moment. Be present.

Tomorrow I start a brand new job and on Saturday morning I move into a new apartment. I'm staying in my same neighborhood. I absolutely love DC and am not ready to go anywhere just yet. So though my grocery store won't change, I will be living in a new space, with a new roommate, and totally new stuff and way of life.

Exciting! And scary! And both are ok. :)

I have been in my current apartment for three years and have had such a great experience. My roommmates are some of my best friends and our apartment has become a home. I can only hope this new place is a lucky for me.

So, change of location equals change of room for me. I LOVE redecorating. Remind me to tell you the story when I redid my room before my 16th birthday party. Woof.

So the design board above reflects my redesign on a budget. I am using my same furniture and changing small things like bedding and curtains. I am most excited for the gallery wall I'm planning above my bed. I am a very sentimental person and pictures are my thing. So in addition to some words to live by, I will be featuring my family and friends quite a bit.

Here's to 2013. New Year. New job. New apartment. New excitement. Best year ever.

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