Friday, February 22, 2013


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The Everygirl turns one today. Thanks to Alaina and Danielle for constantly inspiring all of us who need a little inspiration.

In all of their features, they often ask what advice each woman would give to her 23-year-old self. This is ALWAYS my favorite part of the article. I feel as though each woman is able to say something that is so true and yet something that I needed to hear so much.

Today, they asked on the site what advice you would give to yourself at 23? I sat with this question all day and here is what I would say to myself... over a beer and nachos. Mmmmm.


Dear 23-year-old Maureen,


Stop crying. Wipe the tears off of your face, get off of the mattress you have on the floor and go out into the world. You live in Manhattan. I can tell you that you won’t always live there. Go outside right now and meet a stranger. Walk in the park. Browse a store. I know you don’t have a lot of money but that will change. Just be in NYC. You have always wanted to live there and you do. I want you to enjoy it because you won’t be there forever.


Break up with the guy you are dating. You are not going to marry him. You’ve always wanted someone to tell you yes or no when you ask the question, “am I with the right person?” The answer to this one is a definitive no. So go out and kiss some more frogs. J


It’s ok that life isn’t what you thought it would be after graduating from college. You are not supposed to know what to do with yourself right now. Don’t focus on the bigger picture right now, just enjoy today. Wait your tables, pay your bills, spend time with your best friends who live only blocks away from you – what a great life.


You will find the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with and you will find a job that fulfills you and you will learn about what you truly want in life. Right now, you are 23. You don’t need to know those things. Be free. Be fun. Be fearless. There is nothing that is holding you back from accomplishing your dreams except your own silly expectations and rules. Those aren’t real. The only thing that is real is that you wake up every day and are healthy and full. You are loved and you are alive. Go live. Don’t worry about the future… you make it. I promise.




27-year-old Maureen


P.S. I still don’t know what I’m going to do with my life or where I’m supposed to live or how I’ll ever afford to buy a house. Maybe 35-year-old Maureen will write us a note soon. J


What would you say to YOURSELF?


  1. I figured I'd leave you a comment instead of answer on twitter! :)

    I'd tell my 23 year old self to:

    Go dancing when you don't feel like it. Those nights out with the girls are few and far between later.

    Don't let work control so much of your life! You will be in a better position and company soon. This job is building character.

    Don't stress so much about the wedding... it ends up being amazing!

  2. I LOVE these! And I agree fully about the girls' nights!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog via a link on Story of my Life. I LOVE this. I'm currently having a 23-year-old freak out, and have decided that this is a letter to ME, as I need to stop fretting about work and not having a man and and and. Main difference between me and 23 year old you though is that I'm not cool enough to live in NYC, I'm in rural England... x


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