Friday, February 1, 2013


Happy February!

It's the month of love and I'm loving a few things in my life lately. Check out of few of my favorites below:

1. Work / Life Notebook.
I got the "mango" color which is bright yellow and matches the new curtains in my room. I tend to write everything down and I needed a small notebook that would be durable and chic to use at work.

Kate's Paperie absolutely delivered. I ordered the large, lined notebook with recycled pages and a recycled leather cover. It's a dream. I take it everywhere and it fits in my purse if I'm running around between meetings. And it wasn't really too expensive. Under $20 club - yes please!

I highly recommend this product!

2. Essential Travel Mug

This OXO travel mug is the best thing that ever happened to me. I ordered mine from but really it's a dream come true. Doesn't leak at all! I can shove it in my bag and shove that bag into the car and my coffee stays in the mug. I'm in love.
The other best part is that my good friend's husband works for OXO. I'm going to tell myself that he made my mug.
3. Killer Water Bottle
My best friend from high school (she knows me so well!) gave me this amazing Fly Lady water bottle for Christmas. I didn't think it looked that special until I tried it - it keeps things so cold (or hot if that's what you put in there) and you don't feel it on the outside. No sweat on the outside of the bottle and NO LEAKS. I'm a huge fan.
My water bottle is on my desk to remind me to hydrate all day long!

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