Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I recently moved apartments, which gave me the chance to redecorate. YAAAAAAAAY! However, I was in my old apartment for 3 years with 2 awesome roommates and we had 1 hell of a time. (Sorry for the countdown, I just couldn't resist!)
In my new place, I was inspired by design greats like Danielle, Alaina, and Jess. Their apartments are like chocolate-covered fairy tales. They are so amazing you just want to live in them and never leave!
So I've been working in my own apartment and am almost ready to share with you. It's bright and dreamy and makes me very happy.
I'm currently working on photographing my new apartment to show you all of my design upgrades, but for now, here's my old room. I sincerely LOVED it. :)

I love taking pictures and have always had tons of pictures displayed around my room. This one was a great first start. Can't wait to show you my new gallery wall!

Also, let me apologize now for the lighting / quality of these pictures. I took them. I did the best I could. haha. I'm also in the market for a new camera and will be selling my brand new one that I never even used to upgrade to a more HD model. Let me know if you're interested!

I can't believe I don't have a shot of my curtains but they were a light purple. The room really came together around items I was given or had. I did buy the duvet cover for this apartment on ebay. Score!

This room was a dream because I had SO MUCH SPACE! Sigh, I miss that! I had my own bathroom and walk in closet and huge windows looking over beautiful trees. Since we were on the 11th floor we had views that just didn't quit.

Kind of a ghetto shot of my wall shelves, but you can see me and my roomies, best friend from college, and Josh and I, all proudly staring at me while I slept. Not creepy at all. haha.

This Crate & Barrel shelf matches my desk. When I bought them for this room, I was so pumped to get new furniture as I had just relocated from NYC. I went with all dark / black stained woods and half is from Ikea and the other pieces from Crate & Barrel. I'm still using them three years later and they all moved really well! I highly recommend these products!

  • Shelf: C&B, Sloan leaning shelf
  • Desk: C&B, Sloan leaning desk
  • Mirror: Ikea, Mongstad
  • Dresser: Ikea, Hemnes

I love that you can see me creepily taking pictures. :)

As my new room is smaller, and I was trying to make things less cluttered (after 3 years of collecting rando stuff), my new room has all of these same furniture pieces but with different arrangements and a more streamlined design.


1.Terrible Lighting
2. A lot of things that didn't fit in my new room went to my office. Like this ikea lamp. :)

Oh walk-in closet, I miss you so.

Gigantic bathroom,  you too!

And then I started packing.... for weeks.

Ok so it wasn't weeks but it took forever, and it was sad. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my new space. But change is always hard and saying goodbye is never easy.

(You can't tell I have a flare for the dramatic can you? ;) )

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