Sunday, February 3, 2013


What is more fun on a Saturday night than going on a brewery tour? Especially a local one!

It's no secret that I am a beer girl. I really enjoy wine as well, but if I have to order something, I almost always prefer beer. I love Belgian Whites and even more I love trying new things, so when I got invited to Port City Brewery for a private beer tasting and tour, I was PUMPED!

The first beer we tasted was the Belgian White, so I was in heaven. The Ultimate Whit was really delicious and tasted both fruity but full. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this brew to anyone who likes Blue Moon or Shock Top (two of my other favorites).

Justin, one of the assistant brew masters, gave our group a private tour of the facilities. I was so excited to see that a brewery in the D.C. area could be so successful. They are brand new - only two years old - but are expanding like crazy. Their space used to be a lighting warehouse and they had it renovated specifically for this purpose. The owners live in Alexandria, VA and are D.C. natives which I also love. Support local beer? Duh!

The bottling machines were my favorite part. I felt like I was in some cool Willy Wonka factory (only for beer instead of candy) and it was all party machinery part magic."

After the tour of the brewery itself we got to taste all of the six different beers they currently had on tap. For this Belgian lover it was quite the adventure... the "Two" brew, which is their 2nd year anniversary beer was so dark and smokey I said it was like eating a steak. Ultimately the group decided it tasted like Bacon. :)

My favorite was still the Whit, however after trying all of them the Stout and the Porter were also really nice. And dark! I never would have thought to try them but I'm so glad I did. 

Overall the Port City Brewery was a great experience. If you are in the DC area you should definitely make the trip and come check it out. Great activity for a group or a date night.

Also, you can buy their beer in select restaurants and stores. The Whole Foods in Clarendon carries it. I shall definitely be stopping by soon!

Happy Super Bowl to all of you! Check back tomorrow for my favorite Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe. That's what I'm bringing to my party tonight!

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