Thursday, February 21, 2013


A little over three years ago, my friend Michelle and I picked up a rando roomie on Craigslist. Who knew we would fall in love with Allison so very much. The three of us lived together for three years and it was AWESOME. 

Mich and I are both in Allison's wedding in March and to celebrate her future nuptials, her mom threw her an awesome wedding shower at Sunset Hills Vineyard. Michelle did some amazing planning and we had a blast!

It was freezing but you would never be able to tell from these gorgeous pictures!

The food was amazing. And check out the Breakfast at Tiffany's Cake!

The details of the day were so sweet. The vineyard gave us our own room downstairs in this gorgeous wood cellar. It was intimate and classy but also rustic feeling. I honestly could have sat down there all day. Al's momma ordered a beautiful flower arrangement and Michelle had so many cute decorations, we were able to turn the space into a bridal heaven.

Oh hey, decorating committee. M2 gets the job done. :)

Presents and delicious wine for the tasting!!!!

After telling how we all met Allison (I loved these stories!), we ate lunch, played a game, made scrapbook pages for Al, and tasted six wonderful wines. What a wonderful afternoon.

You can see the wine, presents and scrapbooking glory happening below! WINNNNNN.

Thanks for making the rehearsal bouquet Gretchen!

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