Monday, February 25, 2013



Jennifer Lawrence provided us with a beautiful metaphor for life last night. By falling on her face on her way up to get her well-deserved Oscar, she was in fact teaching us a life lesson.

It goes a little something like this...

Once upon a time, you are born and come into this world and life is good and you get to wear beautiful dresses and beautiful earrings and you are radiant and happy.
And you work really hard and grow up, and hone your craft, and you are successful. So successful in fact that you get nominated for an award.
Hooray! You are great!

 And then you WIN the award! And everything is well in your world. You are floating. You are flying. You are... holy crap... FALLING.
And then you are on the ground. In front of the world. The world has watched you fail. And people are laughing and you are just crouched there with your head down on the stairs. Life has gotten hard and embarrassing. You messed up. And you're down.
At the bottom of the stairs.
But then you think to yourself, "Yes, I've messed up. But that doesn't really mean anything. I still did all that great work. I still won this award. I am human. I mess up. And I can lay here and wallow. Or I can get up."
So you get up. And kind people (oh heyyyyy Hugh Jackman) offer to help you.
But you realize you don't need it. You get up and walk up the rest of the stairs.
They are a little harder to climb and you're nervous,
but you also know that you have fallen and can get up. 
And you reach the top. And you're standing again in front of the world - standing on your own two feet. And the world still loves you. And you still have your award. And your beautiful dress. And you are now even more radiant. Because you are human.

And at the end of it all. It's just you. You created your success, you messed up, you got up, and you persevered. And at the end of the day no one has seen your boobs in a movie.
Get it girl!


Now you know you can do anything. It may be hard and it may be embarrassing.
Be humble and never give up.
And if you trip and fall, get up.
Because chances are, there's something really good waiting for you at the top of the stairs.


  1. I <3 JLaw! I already had a girl crush on her, and now it's just official! lol She is so funny.

    Although, I'm wishing I hadn't stayed up now so late last night. Makes for a rough Monday.

  2. Yup. Love her. She is fabulous, I'm excited to watch her career and I think her and I should be best friends.

  3. She is pretty amazing and totally deserved that oscar last night!

  4. Now I'm brainstorming ideas for how I can get JLaw to hang out with us!

    Thanks for the comments ladies!


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