Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day!

Josh and I ended up doing our own little celebration and gift exchange last night so now that I've given them to him, I wanted to share my FAVORITE PRESENT I'VE EVER GIVEN with you. :)
Since we have been doing the 30 Day Paleo Challenge for one week now (wooo!), Josh has been slowly losing his mind without sweets. It's hard to find things that are AIP friendly and sweet. Even these have cocoa, but if that is the only forbidden thing (the cacao seed) I think it's ok on Valentine's day. But no eggs! No nuts! And so good!

I made him his very own Paleo Candy Valentine's Day Box. I may or may not have spent a combined 5 hours combing through AC Moore squealing with delight (I seriously love crafts.) and cooking up all of these creations but it was worth it. Even yesterday Josh was telling me how much he wished he had some candy / cookie / treat and I sneakily made him believe that I had fruit planned for dessert. Fruit? On V-Day? LAME. Unless... it's made into candy. :)

The box and ribbon came from AC Moore as did the little candy bags and ties. There are 6 different sweets in here. And now that it's Valentine's day, you can make your own for your loved one or with your littles! Enjoy!

She is Moments Paleo Candy Box! #madewithlove
         1. Ginger Candy
         2. Chocolate Covered Strawberries
         3. Fruit Bites
         4. Chocolate Truffles (Note: I substituted 2 heaping spoon fulls of coconut flour for of the nuts!)
         5. "I Heart You" Chocolate Kisses
         6. Pumpkin Butter

See below for a reeeeeeeeeeeeealy long post about how to make everything!

1. Ginger Candy

I followed The Paleo Mom's recipe which worked pretty well. I will say that these were the most complicated thing to cook and are REALLY strong. We may just be using them in cooking. I thought they weren't working until they got really thick really fast. So watch them!


2. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

So easy and so delicious. I melted a small bowl Enjoy Life chocolate chips and 1 tbsp coconut oil in the microwave for 2 minutes. Make sure to take them out every 15 seconds and stir, or they will burn!!! 

Once melted, I dipped a few strawberries in it and set them on wax paper to dry. I sped up the process by putting them in my freezer. After about an hour, I bagged them up and they were ready!

3. Fruit Bites
So I made these (the smaller balls on the right) fruit bites out of a fruit compote recipe I made up. Basically I combined the following ingredients in a food processor, and then I rolled the sticky mixture into balls before rolling it in the melted chocolate and topping it with unsweetened shredded coconut!
Paleo Fruit Bites
1/4 c honey
2 tbsp maple syrup
5 dried pitted dates
Liberal sprinkle of cinnamon
1/3 c enjoy life choc chips
1/3 c raisins
5 dried pitted prunes
1/3 c cranberries
4. Chocolate Truffles
These Chocolate Truffles were my favorite thing in the box! They taste so much like real chocolate. Yummmmmmmm. Also anything rolled in melted chocolate has to be good right?
Topped with blueberries, shredded coconut, cinnamon, and Enjoy Life chocolate chips!!!!

I made the chocolate truffles substantially larger than the fruit bites and I think they turned out better. They are rich and you could eat them in a few bites. :)
To dry everything I put it on wax paper...

and into my freezer. (Don't judge on how full it is.)

5. "I heart you" Chocolate Kisses
So easy! I bought a chocolate tray in the shape of little hearts at the craft store and just poured the melted chocolate mixture in there.
I also added bright pink sprinkles. Obviously.
I followed this recipe and made a huge batch. Josh just got an adorable little sample in his sweets box.

Then I piled them all into the heart shaped box, and added some festive ribbon. Move over Russell Stover!
Josh had been craving sweets all day, so when he opened it, he immediately ate 3 of the truffles and some of the strawberries.
I guess he liked it. <3
Let me know if any of you try this at home! It was really fun. I think making the candy tonight would be a great activity!

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