Sunday, February 10, 2013


I'm jonesing on a few things right now. Sigh.

Attending these events in the future is really good motivation for saving money though!


Ugh. I just want to go to this so so SOOOO badly. And yes, now is one of those times where Josh would call me a 'baby in a woman's body.' I swear he loves me.

I just adore Bri Emery and I feel like this class would benefit me so much. Hopefully I have enough saved by the next time they come to DC!

DC State Fair

Hello, yes please! I really want to attend the next one of these. Sounds like such a treat!!!!!

Eat Write Retreat

Again, if I had enough moolah right now I would be doing this in Philly this spring. If any DC bloggers are going, let me know. I may just be able to scrape up enough if I had a roomie.
Too bad it's not in DC again. #lame

Oh, and I want to buy this! So cute. Good job Inslee by Design. Also, I had Kale for dinner last night, so I feel like I earned this bag. Am I right?


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