Saturday, March 16, 2013

101 IN 1001

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I am going to do the following 101 things in the next 1001 days. Consider this my challenge list!

Thank you to Mackenzie at Design Darling for this awesome idea!

As I accomplish each thing on my list, I'm blogging about it and linking them here... click on any number that is crossed through!

Start 3.16.13 (No time like the present!)
End 12.12.15 (Oh my gosh - I will be 30.)

Each number will be linked and crossed off when I accomplish it! See below for my adventure...

1. Swim laps at the local pool
2. Join a book club
3. Go to a foreign country
4. Grow my blog to 1,000 readers
5. Cut my hair into a different style
6. Get a kitty or a puppy!
7. Start my own business
8. Research buying a house / condo
9. Go hiking
10. Host a dinner party with everything made from scratch
11. Start a blog movement
12. Write down one of Grandpa's stories
13. Take a trip with my sister
14. Visit a city to which I've never been
15. Try Cross Fit at least once
16. Spend a whole day watching no TV
17. Bake a paleo cake
18. Do something that makes me uncomfortable
19. Hold a baby
20. Attend a blogging conference
21. Post a 'what I wore" post that doesn't have jankety pictures
22. Drink wine in the bath tub
23. Get a massage
24. Take a nap for no reason and enjoy it
25. Play matchmaker
26. Get a sponsor for my blog
27. Sponsor at least three other blogs to grow readership
28. Get a nice camera
29. Design a room
30. Have something of mine (room, blog, recipe) featured on The Everygirl
31. Host a D.C. bloggers Dinner
32. Get promoted
33. Ride a horse
34. Decorate a cake with fondant
35. Compile my favorite recipes into a personal cookbook
36. Send handwritten cards for a special holiday
37. Visit Celia in college
38. Write my own love story
39. Apply for reality tv
40. Film a video segment for my blog
41. Photograph a wedding
42. Water ski
43. Snow ski and again!
44. Bike around Arlington / D.C.
45. Take a cooking class
46. Spend a day alone
47. Get a manicure
48. Volunteer at a nursing home
49. Work with kids
50. Do a killer craft project
51. Decoupage something or lots of things
52. Build something
53. Try not wearing make-up for a day
54. Buy property
55. Take a road trip with no destination in mind
56. Movie theatre double-header
57. Try kickboxing
58. Take a trapeze class
59. Dinner with Mommy
60. Dinner with Dad
61. Dinner with Patti
62. Date with Grandpa
63. Get my t-shirts made into a quilt
64. Do a theatre workshop / performance with sick kids in the hospital
65. Be in a play or musical
66. Get an internship / volunteer position planning events this is part of my job now!
67. Get an article / freelance piece published
68. Submit an article to Kinfolk
69. Take pictures of a family in a proper photo shoot
70. Go on a weekend vacation all by myself
71. Get a pair of fake hipster glasses just to see if I can pull it off
72. Write a letter to myself at 40
73. Throw away / donate 13 things each month
74. Visit Kevin and Kathy in Brooklyn
75. Go to where they make Brooklyn Lager
76. Visit a state I've never been to
77. Advertise to make money on my blog
78. Give back to Northwestern
79. Give back to Alpha Phi
80. Plan a date night for Josh
81. Read 25 new books for fun
82. Spend a day accomplishing nothing
83. Play hooky from work
84. Eat at a food truck
85. Try 10 new foods
86. Make pasta from scratch
87. Try acupuncture
88. Go to a new baseball stadium
89. Organize my Pinterest boards
90. Get a facial
91. Do something about the circles under my eyes
92. Buy a bike of my very own
93. Put a basket on it!
94. Run a race
95. Go to E Street Cinema
96. Buy and frame an original piece of art
97. Purchase something for myself that is way too expensive
98. Exercise for 31 days in a row
99. Send someone flowers for no reason
100. Write 10 handwritten letters
101. Write a letter to myself for my 30th birthday



  1. This is a really adorable idea and I love your 101 goals! I can't wait to see how you achieve them!


  2. #84.
    I've been meaning to do that one too.
    And the one about exercise.
    Especially after #84.

  3. Haha! I will be sure to keep you all posted when I complete each item. I have a feeling I'm going to look like a buffoon most of the time. But hopefully that will be entertaining!

  4. I just found your blog and love it! I've been meaning to write a 101 in 1001 list for ages! Yours is great! I look forward to reading more!

  5. We can help you with 74 and 75 :)


      You let us know when a visit works best for you. Given that I have no time off it will probably just be a weekend but we can drive up after work on Friday and stay till Sunday afternoon. YAAAAAAAAY!

  6. I read your blog everyday! Really :) Let's pick a weekend VERY soon!


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