Thursday, March 21, 2013


It's the moment you (but mostly me) have been waiting for... I'm sharing my pictures from Allison's wedding!!!!
You may remember that I found Allison on Craigslist. My colleague Michelle and I were moving into a 3 bedroom apartment and we needed a third. So God sent us Al. Three years later we were both in her wedding. :)
After a fantastic shower, bridal luncheon, and rehearsal dinner, we found ourselves on the morning of the wedding getting ready. AHHHHH so exciting. 

The former roomies were up and ready at 9am!


Some of the girls got their make-up done (I did my own) but we all got our hair done. The girls helping us were amazing and came right to our hotel room. It was a little pricey but totally worth it!

The bridesmaids took a limo bus over to the Citadel chapel with Allison to help her get ready there with the professional photographer. She already had her hair and make-up done but we still had to put on the dress and the jewelry!

Once we got to the room at the Citadel where we were scheduled to get ready we saw the flowers. AREN'T THEY LOVELY?!

Allison hadn't seen them yet - did I mention she was a totally easy bride?! - and she was really pleased. I thought they looked especially pretty with the bright blue dresses. 

Allison's bouquet had white flowers sprinkled in as well to make it extra special :)

Me taking a quick selfie for you and Michelle prepping the dress!

Bridal hair

Snackin before the ceremony!

In March of 2012, a group of the bridesmaids actually went to Colorado with Allison, stayed with her parents, and helped her shop for this dress. It is stunning on her! And It was only around $900. Brand new! The belt with the bling was a little extra but whoever says you have to compromise style to get a good price was waaaaay wrong!

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