Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Josh and I raced to Charleston and made it just in time for me to go to Allison's Bridal Luncheon. Josh was so sweet he actually dropped me off at the restaurant... we were cutting it that close! 

And yes, that does mean I changed into my dress in the car. 

The lunch was held at my favorite restaurant in Charleston: Blossom. It's so so so delish. I've been to Charleston three times now and always am there with Allison and her friend Gretchen. 

No surprise G chose to throw the luncheon at our favorite place!

The lunch was composed of the bridesmaids, other young women who were attending the wedding, and family friends. It was a lovely spot for a casual lunch. Complete with pink bubbly. 

Te fried calamari appetizer was really crisp but still meaty. I loved it.

I had the salmon over roasted veggies for my lunch. There was NOTHING left when I was done. Also, the red sauce you see is tomato butter. Please go to Blossom and eat it. It's heavenly. 

Dessert was a red velvet bread pudding with homemade strawberry ice cream. To die for. I practically licked my plate clean. Thank you Blossom! You always deliver!

When we checked in at our hotel, we were given this adorable gift bag. Mrs. Livingston (the mother of the bride) put them together and I thought it was so sweet. AND PRACTICAL! I mean look at all of those goodies. :)

And now I can carry around this cute canvas bag. Loved the idea of a reusable bag!

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about Charleston and the rehearsal dinner and then check back on Thursday for WEDDING PICTURES!!!!! eeeeeeeeeee!!!! It was the most beautiful!

Here is a tiny sneak peek!


  1. Looks like great weekend! Can't wait to see more...those flowers are stunning!

  2. Wow, that lunch looks amazing! I love that you changed into your dress in the car too- I would have been the same I'm sure. And that dress and those flowers look amazing- can't wait to see the rest of the wedding!! x


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