Friday, March 1, 2013


How embarrassing - I can't wait!

If you really knew me...

you would know that I am a complete perfectionist. I was a nerd in high school, college, and grad school and very proud of it. I have an upside and a downside to my perfectionism: I like to think I always do my best, but if I don't succeed, I cry.

you would know that I cannot control the volume of my voice and you likely would have told me to be quiet more than once.

you would know that I am incredibly passionate about my family and friends and that I will give as much of myself as I can, until I'm about to break. Then I will cry (see the first thing), nap, pray, recoup, and find more to give. 

you would know that I want to get married and have a family more than anything else in the world!

you would know that I have a paralyzing fear of divorce.

you would know that I still have to ask my mom for advice about how to cook pork. 

you would know that I was a musical theatre actor until very recently. 

you would know that I am still learning more about who I am every day. 

you would know that I do not tolerate lying under any circumstances.

you would know that I snort when I laugh. 

you would know that I wish every day that I was an optimist.

you would know that I expect big things from myself and can't wait to see what life has in store for me. 

you would know that my favorite food in the world is a french baguette from Panera. 

you would know that I hate being alone and always have something to do, but you would also know that I'm working on learning how to relax. Practice makes perfect. 

you would know that I'm scared of people reading my blog and not liking it, but brave enough to post this anyway. :)

Stop by again, and get to know me even better!

A special thank you to Sarah Tucker who inspired me with her post.


  1. Great post! It's always fun learning more about other bloggers. I read Sarah's awhile ago, as well as a few others. I thought about writing one similar, but never ended up doing it.


  2. I can relate with the perfectionism / learning to relax. I go through crazy episodes where I push my self to the MAX and then I totally crash and burn aka sleep for a few weeks. Then I just pick back up :) It's an interesting cycle, but I love how driven I can be.. you know when im not sleeping it off. lol.


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