Monday, March 18, 2013


Welcome to my apartment!

Thank you so much for all of the kind comments on my room last Friday. It really meant so much to share my favorite place with you all.

While I was moving, I remember thinking, "This is THE MOST STRESSFUL thing in the entire world." The truth is that I hate packing.

The other truth is that I apparently LOVE unpacking! It has been such fun putting together my new apartment, making sure my roommate likes everything, and really settling in to my own space.

Here it is! A sneak peak into my apartment...

This orchid has been with me since I turned 25. I honestly am amazed that I didn't kill it. And since I didn't, this little guy seems like a friend. And it's so gorgeous when it blooms!

This mirror and key table are two of the most special pieces in my apartment. My dad and step mom were kind enough to give me a lot of furniture for my apartment that they no longer needed. It was INCREDIBLY generous of them.

They also gave me these two pieces which I know they didn't want to part with. This table and mirror were my great grandmother's. They had them refinished and I hope they will always be in my family. I feel like the furniture tells a story of family and love and tradition. And that makes me so happy to see as the first thing when I come into my apartment.

Home sweet home!

This is not a secret: I love Dawson's Creek. I never watched it when it was on TV, but those DVDs were a huge part of my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. So good! Anyone else enjoy a little creek action?

I wish it was still Sunday so I could still be in this position.


  1. Such a great apartment!

    I am seriously impressed you still have that orchid. My husband bought me one last May and I had killed it by June. I have a black thumb :(

    Also, I looooove Dawson's Creek. I never watching it on TV until the end (I think I was too young when it started), but it is seriously one of the best shows.

  2. I LOVE your apartment!! So pretty! The furniture is my favorite. It's beautiful and such a special treasure!

    And Dawson's Creek...I LOVED that show. Like you, I still have all the DVD's and aren't ashamed to watch them :)

    I'm so excited to read more and get to know you!! :)

  3. Your apartment is truly adorable! I can't wait until I have a bigger apartment so I am able to do a little more creative decorating (a studio doesn't allow much space for decorating, sadly). Your orchid is beautiful! I am horrible at keeping them alive which is so sad because they are great decorative flowers.


  4. I love your apartment! It's decorated beautifully, and it looks like you get a ton of natural light!

  5. Your apartment is beautiful! Cannot WAIT to have my own place and make it totally my own :) x


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