Thursday, April 25, 2013


I grew up going to half price burger night with my family at a little place called Brion's Grille in Fairfax. Such a sweet place. 

Well now that I live in the D.C. area, I'm constantly on the hunt for a good burger. When't it's half price, it's even better! If you're ever in Clarendon. I know exactly where you should go. 

Whitlow's on Wilson, or Whitlow's as it's affectionately called in my apartment has half price burgers on Monday. YESSSSSSSSSSSS.

My recommendation is this monster:

Chili Burger. With sour cream. Seriously? Yes. So good.

The burger was a little overcooked but it didn't matter one bit with all that delicious chili on top. I dug in with a fork and knife and it was still a mess.

Honestly, there's nothing like a good burger!

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