Friday, April 5, 2013


Well it's official, I'm in boot camp. And it's hard!

After reading about Julie's successes with Best Body Bootcamp on her blog, I researched Tina's site and made the game time decision to sign up. 

First of all if you aren't familiar with Best Body Bootcamp from the blogosphere or twittersphere... find everything you need to know here.

For $25 you get 8 weeks of workouts, motivation techniques, chances to win prizes, and personal guidance from Tina herself. You really can't beat that! I've already emailed with her and she has been really helpful.

We started this round of BBB on Monday April 1st and so far I would give myself a B+. I really don't like strength training. I could run or elliptical forever. Seriously. Sandlot style... FOR-EV-ER. I love it. But lifting weights is not my thing. 

That is part of the reason I signed up for BBB. I want to get more comfortable with weights. So I'm doing it. I'm not liking it yet. But I'll keep you posted. Also the gym in my building doesn't have free weights or a stability ball, so that is contributing to my inability to really do this. I'm going to Target on Saturday and then I'll have no excuses. For now I'm doing the workouts as best I can with the equipment I have and even though I'm not doing it totally right, I can feel it in my arms!

Progress people! Progress. :)

My other goal is to get back into a regular fitness routine. I have been addicted to the snooze button for the past few months and I miss being in the habit of exercising. Time to get back into it. And I just know Tina won't let me be a slacker!

I'm going to check in with BBB every week or so. And hopefully I can share some of my favorite exercises with you. Once I start doing them right hehehe. 

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  1. Ooh I've never heard of BBB but it sounds like a great deal and wonderful motivation to get back on track. The past few weeks I have been really trying to get back into a steady workout routine as well but I think something like this would help me to keep it fresh and interesting!
    Good luck!


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