Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Yep. It was as good as it looks!

Last weekend Josh and I finally tried the Lost Dog Cafe. We had heard amazing things about it from several friends and we were dying to try it. So when we couldn't decide what to eat after church, we unanimously voted on Lost Dog in Arlington.

There are now four locations in the Northern Virginia area but we went to the original!

"The Original provides its customers a relaxed atmosphere with over 250 bottle selections."

The bottles were like works of art! It was so cool to see so many different choices. If you are a beer lover, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Lost Dog. The atmosphere was that of a casual pizza joint but the food was superb and as you can see they have every beer in the world!
The walls are also painted with hilarious drawings of dogs!

Josh opted for a sandwhich which was classic deli style and awesome. He only finished half it was so full!
You are also probably wondering what the deal is with all the dogs...
"The Lost Dog Café has rescued, sponsored and placed hundreds of abandoned and unwanted animals over the past 13 years."
Isn't that awesome??? The restaurants partner with the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation to help poor little puppies and kittens.
You won't find pets at the restaurant, but you can buy t-shirts and other merchandise. The original owners started rescuing dogs and cats since they were in business and I just love this unique partnership!

Go check it out!!!!


  1. Lost dog is right under my apartment and I absolutely love it! I especially love it when they have fundraisers for puppies! Good food, great cause :)


  2. Thanks for posting this, and also talking about the important work of the rescue! We're gearing up for the ASPCA #100KChallenge, and every person who spreads the word helps, so thank you!

  3. I found you through Jenni's link up and saw this post in your sidebar. I had a "haha" (not ah-ha, lol) moment because I live right by the new one they opened up in Fairfax and I really want to see if the Arlington one is just as good or better.

    Plus, it's always nice to see another blogger in your vicinity :)



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