Wednesday, April 10, 2013


On Sunday I met up with the incredibly talented (and fun!) Stephen of Stephen Gosling Photography for a photo shoot in Old Town, Alexandria.

Stephen offered to do a portrait session for me and I jumped at the chance! After scoping out the other portraits he's taken for DC Bloggers, Wedding Planners, and Photographers on his blog, I knew I was in for a treat working with him.

To start, we walked around the waterfront area to find some interesting backgrounds. Stephen explained that he likes interesting textures and colors.

Our first location was this rust door with the red brick around it. After that we moved over to the green door you see in the background on the left.

If you're wondering, "Are you shooting in a sketchy alley Maureen?" Yes. I am. I actually preferred the alley to our second location on the street because it was less busy and less windy.

The exceptionally cool thing about this shoot with Stephen was that he just talked to me the whole time. I was so relaxed and happy to be chatting with a new friend (his wife and my boyfriend used to work together - small world!) and learning all about his style of photography along the way.

Stephen has been shooting since he was 15 and has is degree in photography. He was very patient with my questions and I found the whole shoot absolutely delightful.

You know when you were little and you went to Sears and posed with your little brother in matching plaid outfits, and the photographer put your fingers a certain way, and your head tilted at 48 degrees to the left and made you smile for 20 hours to get the right shot? -- This was the opposite of that and it was awesome!

I felt relaxed and comfortable and I cannot wait to see the shots Stephen got!

Our second location was across from a large park on the water. It was definitely busier and way windy. These pictures might be hilarious.

Fun fact: this door was popular! A family was getting photographed here when we came back from my ensemble change at Starbs. And in the background you can see a couple getting their engagement portraits taken behind Stephen. (He also does wedding photography if you're getting married soon!)

Stephen and I were laughing because there was a cute family, and a cute couple, and then me. Alone. Standing like a weirdo. And talking with my hands. HAHA.

I will post the photos I get from Stephen as soon as I have them. I AM SO EXCITED!

For now I'm just reveling in the fact that I had my very own photo shoot with an awesome photographer. So cool. I can only hope to work with Stephen again in the future. :)


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