Wednesday, April 24, 2013



I have a cold. It's a bad one. As my dad would say, "my head is as big as a football."

I also have a man voice. Thanks for that one, cold.

For the record, I am still going to work today. I don't want to fall behind and I feel weird using my sick days after coming from a company that didn't have them. We just had paid time off... so I always felt the need to save it.

Also, this is not what I look like. HAH! I wish. I basically put on mascara and tied my wet hair in a pony this morning. But hey, I'm making it work. Right?

I plan to go home after work, make my 10th cup of tea for the day, put on sweats, and sit on my couch. After that I plan to not move until I'm asleep.

Any good cold remedies?

Any good TV / movie recommendations?

Since I am out of it today, here are three lovely ladies for you to check out...

Meg @ The Edit
They aren't sponsors or anything, I just love them and you should too.


  1. Feel better soon!!! I swear by a hot toddy for colds. Taste disgusting, but I swear it will kick it out! Whiskey, tea, lemon, honey and cinnamon. Go heavy on the whiskey if you're can handle it!

  2. I think adult sick days are even better than kid sick days (if you actually stay home). But I agree, trying to sit through work is the WORST. Lots of tea. As far as movies...when I'm sick, the cheesier the better. Get some good Hallmark on. Or Kate Hudson movies.

  3. Oh feel better soon!! I can't believe that you didn't used to get sick leave... I thought it was the law! xx


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