Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I was beyond thrilled when I checked my email this morning and had a note from Meg saying that the new to & from is out! Yessssssssssss I know how I will be spending my lunch break today!

For those of you who don’t know, this digital magazine is a great source for gifting. Before Valentine’s day, it helped me pick out Josh’s presents and now that Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and several birthdays in my family are coming up… I’m sure to & from will be helping me pick out the perfect gifts for these occasions as well.

I was a longtime fan of hers, but after meeting Meg at the Aldo Shoes event last week, I was excited to learn more about the process of creating to & from as I chatted with her.

She pointed out that she uses the publication not only as a great source for gifts (duh!) but also as a way to discover new bloggers (genius!).

In the Valentine’s issue, I loved clicking on the bloggers and discovering a bit more about who they were, what they wrote about, and why they had chosen the gifts on their pages. I don’tknow about you, but one of my favorite things about reading blogs is getting toknow the authors. I love learning about someone’s family, personal goals, struggles, and favorite things. It makes me feel connected and to & from gives you the chance to experience that connection for the first time all over again when you fall in love with the bloggers in the magazine.

After glancing through the issue (more in-depth reading tonight!) a fewthings jumped out at me:

This adorable umbrella would be a perfect gift for my cousin who is graduating from highschool this spring! She is an artist and has a unique sense of style but she is also spunky and upbeat and this umbrella would fit her perfectly.

My new blogger friend Stephanie Blondet is featured in this issue! Yaaaaaaaay Stephanie. This sweet girl just moved to D.C. and picked some fabulous gifts for “the glam graduate.” My favorite is this chic picture!

I loved this Tommy Bahama shirt for a Father’s Day gift! I can just see my dad in it, sitting poolside, drinking an iced tea. That is definitely his happy place.

So go check out to & from and tell me what your favorites are!!!

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