Sunday, May 5, 2013


Happy Sunday! Enjoy a day of rest and think about something for which you are truly grateful.

Today I am so grateful for my first real blogger friend, Mallory!!!!!!

I mean, how adorable is she?!

When I started She Is Moments in January, I did it because it was for me. It had been a goal of mine to finally start a blog and I was so happy to be accomplishing that goal.

I had no idea that I would also meet so many amazing people through the blog world. As you all know, it's a joy to read about others' lives and learn more about them - how they feel joy, what they do to overcome struggles, and what makes them laugh!

I have many wonderful blogs that I read (just check out my bloglovin!) but Mallory was the first one who I really started interacting with. Why? Because she reached out to me! Reason #2876 why I love her: she's proactive.

After stumbling across Mal Smiles (then Mal's Miles :) ) I decided to buy an ad on her blog. Within a few days she had emailed me to thank me for my sponsorship - note to bloggers this is a great thing to do - and began following my blog too.

It was so fun getting to know her through twitter and Mal Smiles. And on top of that, she asked me to guest post for her while she was on vacay - what an honor! I had the most fun preparing my guest post for her and hope to have her on She is Moments soon. She is a bright spot in my day and I know you will love her too!

Even though we didn't get to meet in person at Sea World (so close!), I am grateful for my blogger friend Mal. I know we will meet in person soon. :)

What bloggers do you love? #blogeverydayinmay

For what are you grateful for today? Link-up and tell me below!!!!

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  1. I love Mal too!! She is so sweet and nice!! I"m so glad that i found your blog! I can't wait to check out the blog somemore!


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