Wednesday, May 1, 2013


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I often find that when talking about myself I have an elevator speech that I whip out depending on who my conversation partner is. If I'm in a group of business professionals I talk about my time working in consulting. If I'm around actors, I talk a lot about undergrad and New York.

I really like taking care of people so I often try to make strangers or new acquaintances feel comfortable during conversations. I have been told that I can 'hostess' people. I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Probably a little of both. But I do know that until you get to know me, you probably have no idea how goofy the real me really is.

Here's my authentic elevator speech...

I have been spunky and outgoing my whole life. This boils down to the fact that I LOVE talking, meeting new people, and being the center of attention. I was a bright blonde little kid with huge bangs and a deep voice. I push myself really hard and always have. This is why I am such a fierce student. Achievement through education was a strong motivating force in my life since I can remember. I have always loved learning and (probably even more so) loved the feeling of validation through grades. I like a challenge and I like to know when I've done it well. I love my friends and family dearly and pride myself on my relationships. Sometimes though, I divert my attention in too many ways and I don't give people enough meaningful time. I'm working on that. I always thought I wanted to live in Manhattan. Until I did. And I hated it. At 27 I am changing every day. I am trying to be more gentle with myself and let it slide when I'm not constantly striving for perfection. I love wearing sweatpants, sleeping late, laughing, and I always speak my mind (at work and at home). I have strong opinions and feel things too much sometimes. I am too hot or too tired or too happy or too busy. I function in extremes. I want to love above all else. I have just admitted to myself that my main goal in life is to get married and raise a family. It's a scary goal to me because I can't achieve it by myself. I'm completely dependent on someone else, my future husband, partner, friend. I'm learning that it's ok to let myself be taken care of once in a while. I love getting dressed up and going to a fancy event. And I love being on my couch under a blanket. I have so much to learn and am so excited that I have a chance to do so.

Phew! Here are other honest truths about my fears, my thoughts, and my hopes.

Thanks to Jenni for encouraging such fun blogging this month. #blogeverydayinmay
Don't have an elevator speech? Don't talk to people in elevators? Just say "so what?" with Shannon. :)


  1. Wow, what a wonderful post. It's so honest and open. It can be hard admitting your fears, and your failures. I also get a lot out of my grades and succeeding, so I had a hard time when I graduated. It can also be hard opening yourself up to someone enough to want to marry them, but when that happens it can be so great. I'm excited to see what else you write about in your May blogging challenge.

  2. I'm loving this blog challenge! I definitely also have the version of how I tell my "life story" and then the real one. This was a great post & can't wait to read more!

    Yay for DC area girls@

  3. What an interesting post.. I recently wrote an article for my Effective Job Search site with advice on giving an elevator pitch when looking for a job.

    Having a "personal" elevator speech is thinking out of the box. I like it!


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