Thursday, May 2, 2013


i believe i'm singing, "oh my god!"
I know I've mentioned before how 12 years of my life was spent focusing on nothing but theatre. And you know that I love performing. But today I wanted to really share a glimpse into one of my favorite roles I've ever been blessed enough to perform: Elle Woods in Legally Blonde: The Musical!
Last fall, I was so grateful to have the opportunity to play America's favorite sorority girl. The role was the largest I've ever had (only came close to Eliza in My Fair Lady in  high school... I'll have to scan some pictures of that one for you guys!) and was such a personal challenge. Elle is a powerhouse. Each show was a total work out!
Two elements really tested my stamina - the sheer number of belty songs and the dancing. After months of practice with my very patient director and music director, the singing became easier and my voice grew stronger. This always happens for me with constant practice. (It's so nice to sing every day!)
The dancing was another story. I am NOT a dancer. I've taken tap, ballet, jazz, modern and hated it all. It makes me uncomfortable and self-conscious and I do not get much joy out of it. I'm just not naturally talented as a dancer. And that is ok. But Elle is a dancer... so I had to practice my little tail off and fake it.
I will say that the dancing was the part I was most fearful of and the part that was the most rewarding. I have never worked so hard to be proficient at something. I don't think I was a great dancer but I gave it my all and I was so proud to show my family and friends! This was the only time that by the end the dancing was actually fun! I have my choreographer to thank for his awesome moves and extra rehearsals. ;)
While I no longer have the desire to perform professionally as my sole source of income, performing will always be a part of who I am. It has helped me grow into the person that I am and as I was involved in performing from the age of 12, really helped me develop my confidence and public speaking skills.
I recommend trying acting / singing to anyone who has the itch. You will have fun, I promise! Here are a few of my best tips...
wait, i have to study to get into harvard?
Advice for the novice performer / singer:
  • Everyone can sing - don't let anyone tell you otherwise
  • It's all about confidence in an audition
  • If you want to try acting, check out community theatre
  • Nervous about an audition? Ask a friend who has been in a show before to watch you and offer advice
  • Don't take it personally. I've been rejected thousands of times. Every actor has. Sometimes you're just not right for the part and that's ok. It doesn't mean you aren't talented
  • Make sure your hair is pinned / sprayed off of your face for an audition or performance. You don't want to watch someone messing with her bangs
  • Choose and audition song that you LOVE to sing. It will make you enjoy it even more.
  • Have fun! An audition is just another chance to sing / act for an audience 
admissions essay :)

look at little bruiser!!!!

all pink in class

annnnnd the dreaded playboy bunny costume. it made going to the gym easy!

 What are you secretly good at? #blogeverydayinmay


  1. What an adorable post! You make a perfect Elle :)

    I am actually (or was) a pretty good dancer! I took years and years of dance classes and have gone through more pointe shoes than I can count.

    And just like singing, everyone one can dance, don't let anyone tell you otherwise ;)

  2. Oh I love this post! I always tease that I'm a broadway star in my dreams. I would love to try out some theatre just for fun! Someday! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is such a fun post!! Congrats on scoring such an awesome role. I am a dancer but singing is something I have always wanted to try. I was just telling my husband the other day that it would be fun to take voice lessons. Not that I want to become a singer; I just want to do it for me, you know?


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  4. This is so fun! You are perfect as Elle! I used to sing a lot and haven't done much lately, so my voice is really rusty. I think I should take your advice and not let anyone tell me I can't sing b/c I know I can. I have done it before!

  5. Ahh so fun! I wish I could have seen you as Elle! That is so awesome that you act & sing!

  6. Legally Blonde is such an amazing musical and I am sure you made the most adorable Elle! I listen to "Oh My God" (or whatever the song is called) whenever I am extra tired or grumpy on the way to work and it totally perks me up.
    I love your acting tips although I can't even imagine acting I would be shaking like crazy, so scary!


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