Monday, May 13, 2013


I'm sorry that I'm not sorry about how loud I am.

All of this is said with love and laughter... but I just can't be quiet!

To my dear, sweet brother, you do not need to plug your ears when I'm talking to you at the dinner table. I'm not that loud. And also, I'm talking this loudly on purpose. It's because my point is important. And volume will ensure you listen to me. Sorry I'm not sorry.

To my first coworkers who told me, "You are the loudest person we have ever met." Really, REALLY? I, out of all the people in your entire life, am the loudest person you have ever met? You must be a) really sheltered, b) hard of hearing, c) only around really quiet people, or d) all of the above. I'm sorry that your life has been so quiet. But as for the rest of it, sorry I'm not sorry.

To my neighbors in every apartment building I have ever had, I sing in the shower. And in the kitchen. And sometimes late at night. It's my happy time. And I don't think my voice is that bad. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

To everyone in church who stares at me when I sing, my singing voice is even louder than my speaking voice. It just is. I physically don't know how to sing quietly. I was trained to project. Also, I like singing in church. It's my favorite way to pray. Usually I'm in the choir anyway, so if it's an off week and I'm not, I'm still gonna sing full voice, sorry I'm not sorry.

To my friends, when I get really excited about things, I speak in a high pitched voice. Reggie and Marco told me in college that I would go into tones that only dogs could hear. Well, I'm just celebrating good news and dogs deserve to know too. Sorry I'm not sorry.

To my parents, thank you for understanding how loud I am because you are that loud too. You already know that we have nothing to be sorry about! :)



  1. This is great! I hope to meet you sometime.

  2. Stopping by from the link up. I love this! Dogs deserve to know good news too :) haha, super cute!


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