Tuesday, May 28, 2013


To my readers,

First of all, HI TO MY FAMILY! The funny thing about this blog is that I started it as a New Year's Resolution for myself, so my family and close friends were not among the first readers. I just wasn't sure I wanted to go around telling everyone about my little project. Now that I have though, I'm so glad to be able to share my silly, daily thoughts with those I love.

To those of you who are not related to me in any way, I really appreciate that you read She is Moments. Knowing that you are out there and commenting on my posts is such a wonderful comfort and blessing.

This whole post is probably going to sound really corny and I'll cringe reading it later, but it's true. I had no idea what the adventure of creating She is Moments would bring me. The beautiful truth is that it brings me joy. So much joy.

Thank you for reading, and commenting, and tweeting me back and sharing your thoughts. I love hearing from you in person, via email, or through the comments. Each connection I have made or deepened because of this little blog is such a blessing to me.

So thank you. Sincerely.

I am loving this journey of writing and finding my voice and opening my heart. I'm so glad you are here with me.

Love, Maureen


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  1. Thank you for your posts! :) Love reading them/connecting with ya over the blogs.


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