Friday, May 31, 2013


I will never forget moving into my dorm room at Northwestern University. My Dad, Patti, and Jules drove my stuff across the country, got me settled, and when they left, I remember thinking, "Ok this is my home now."

I was really excited for a new adventure and a new chapter of my life to begin.

I met my roommate Andrea, a random assignment, who seemed just as bubbly and excited to be there as I was. It was such a crazy feeling to think that I barely knew her but we would be living together. In the TINIEST room of all time. We instantly started talking and I knew we'd be just fine.

NU has what's called "New Student Week" for the week before classes start. All of us Freshman were herded to different orientation meetings and events and mixers. I knew no one. I kept seeing the same faces at my theatre class introductions. One event we had to line up in birthday order in one of our rehearsal rooms while the department director, Rives Collins played the guitar. It was so odd.

My October birthday landed me next to Marco, born in November. He had on a leather jacket and he looked kinda mean. But he cracked a joke and laughed awkwardly and I knew he was a softy on the inside.

Between events at lunch one day, I was walking in the hall toward the food (or something like that) and I saw this beautiful blonde girl I recognized from my dorm. She had a bow tied in her hair and I had some kind of skirt on. The convo went like this...

In the hall, awkwardly...

Me: I like your bow.

Lindsay: I like your skirt.

Simultaneously: Wanna sit together at lunch?

A friendship was born.

Neither of us remembers who spoke first or who actually asked to sit where, but we both knew we wanted to be friends!

One of our first nights there (maybe night two) Jones (our dorm) had a big bonfire with s'mores. It was hilarious. At that bonfire I met a rather loud fellow who was from the DC-area. I had no idea Eric and I would become so close. He also introduced me to his roommate Reggie who instantly made me laugh with his crazy antics.

I also met Deanna who then came back to my dorm room after the bon fire and helped Andrea and I make our beds. I vividly remember talking to her about Arkansas where she was from and thinking how cool it was to meet someone who had a totally different background than me.

These six people were my first friends in college and extremely important people in my life today. They always will be.

This weekend I'm at Lake George with the girls. I expect to make many more memories this weekend. Don't worry, I brought my camera!


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