Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Well I completely forgot about this post on the 13th, but better late than never!
In April, I decided to throw away (read: donate) 13 things each month. I have so much stuff and a lot of pieces I don't even wear! It's important to me that a) I don't become a hoarder, b) I give back to people who don't have as much as I do, and c) I make room for new items.
I wish I could say that c) was my top priority but I'm on a spending freeze right now. I would argue that b) is the most important... but I'm secretly afraid of a) so it motivates me. I mean, have you seen Hoarders? Yeah.... no thanks.
So join the challenge! Give away, donate, throw out (if it's actually garbage) 13 things from your home each month. It feels good! I promise!

Here's what I'm donating this month!

1. Exercise top that is too big
2. Purple striped shirt that is cute but I never wear
3. Fun striped shirt that makes me look like I'm 300 pounds
4. Cowl neck shirt that shows my bra straps
5. Turtle neck sweater with short sleeves (1. Oxymoron? 2. Josh recently told me he hates turtlenecks... who knew?)
6. Green shirt I wore in undergrad. Sad to say goodbye. But makes my boobs look odd. Peace out!
7. Got this shirt at a resale shop in college... returning it to it's roots.
8. Striped shirt I never wear.
9. More boobs looking awkward in this shirt.
10. Again, ill-fitting on top... pattern here?
11. Too small on top.
12. Too big on top.
13. Too weird on top.

The moral of the story, is that if things don't fit you correctly, say goodbye. Life is too short to wear things that don't fit! And they will fit someone else perfectly, so pass on the good clothes!


  1. Great post! I usually go through my stuff every couple of months and try to donate as much stuff as I can if I am not using anymore. I think that after doing this for a couple of years, I have been pretty good about not accumulating stuff.

  2. This is awesome! What a wonderful idea. I think I need to do the same in the future bc I have alot stuff I don't really wear.

  3. This is awesome! I usually got through my closet twice a year when I switch out fall/winter and spring/summer (one of the only benefits of having a small closet.

    I agree, it really does feel good to get rid of some stuff. Also, hoarders scares the bejezus out of me! lol


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