Thursday, May 16, 2013


I recently had the pleasure of working on the most exciting photo shoot of all time... Welcome to Oz! While I would love to be able to blog, perform, and be creative all of the time, I need health insurance and enough money for rent. My day job is great, but when I get run down at work, it's nice to be able to collaborate on fun artistic projects as well!

My friend Traci, who photographed our Legally Blonde production shots, asked me if I would be willing to portray Glinda in her shoot and it was a dream come true. ... Just look how sparkly my dress was!!!

Traci assembled an expert team with Ashleigh on hair and Suzanne on make-up. These ladies are awesome and incredibly talented.

Ashleigh took her time curling and styling all of our hair. Honestly. I can't tell you how patient and gentle she was. The Wicked Witch and Dorothy went first, followed by our little munchkin and then me!

Check out these amazing eyes by Suzanne!

Traci organized all of the costumes and man is that woman talented. In addition to doing all the photography, managing the shoot, and coordinating schedules she also had time to sew? Yes, yes she did.

My dress actually came from one of Suzanne's old shoots and it fit perfectly! I felt like a fairy princess and loved every glittery moment of being Glinda!

Traci is editing the photos from the shoot and I will be sure to share them as soon as they are ready! Eeeeee! For now these four teasers will have to tide you over.




  1. What a fun photo shoot! The Wizard of Oz has been one of my all time favorites since as far back as I can remember :)

  2. Ohh, I love that movie and this looks like endless amounts of fun.

  3. So fun! That dress is so pretty :) Love The Wizard of Oz, but I loooove Wicked more!

  4. Yaaay! Loved seeing your "behind the scenes" shots!!

  5. Thanks for all the love! You were the perfect Glinda! So glad my dress fit you. Just did a post of my own on the shoot, too. :) Can't wait to see more shots and share them with everyone.


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