Friday, June 28, 2013


Sometimes you have to just get out of the boat and see what happens.

I mentioned earlier this week that some big change is headed my way. I've been thinking a lot about this decision and it hasn't been an easy one. Poor Josh probably had to bear the brunt of listening to me make endless pros and cons lists--thank you, honey.

I have decided to resign from my current position at a non-profit arts organization and accept a marketing manager position at a website design company.


The short version of the story is that I was recruited by a company with which I had previously interviewed last November. As I was not actively seeking employment else ware, this offer came as a bit of a shock and required me to make a decision very quickly.  It is a great opportunity, but the decision is very bittersweet.

Those who know me can imagine the existential fits I was thrown into over the past week... Am I making the right decision? What if I hate the new job? What if I miss the old job? What if I regret leaving? What if people hate me for resigning? What am I doing with my life? Who am I?

Ok, I didn't quite make it to the last question, but there's something about a big decision that really throws me for a loop. It is a wonderful opportunity to have two amazing jobs to choose from. But it is scary--at least for me as someone who second guesses most major decisions.

After I told my current manager that I would be leaving, cried in her office, and recomposed myself, I started thinking about life's challenges that are also amazing opportunities. It can be so hard to surrender to the idea of newness and change and ride the wave wherever it takes you.

As my heart opened to the excitement of this new possibility rather than just the fear surrounding it and the risks involved, I immediately thought of Matthew 14:22-33. This is my favorite Bible passage. It gives me such comfort to imagine Peter, full of trepidation, asking God for guidance and reassurance before venturing out on the open water.

The thing is, sometimes you have to just get out of the boat. Take a risk. Take a leap. Take a chance. Take an opportunity that is right in front of you.

It's no accident that I was offered this job. This is an opportunity that I am meant to explore. It will teach me what I need to learn at this point in my life and it will change me as I need to be changed.

I am always up for a challenge, but I am always a little worried, a little anxious--there is a lot of Peter in me. But as God shows, you are never truly alone in your challenge, His hand is there to pluck you out of the water. Or perhaps he sends a friend's support, a family member's advice, or a new colleague to show you the way.

I am getting out of the boat. I will be scared, but each step will be easier. Even if I get a little wet, I can't wait to see where this path leads me!

2013: Year of Chage. Embrace it and ride the wave!

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  1. Congratulations!!!! Deciding to take a new job/leave a job is such a tough one. But I'm sure you are making a great choice because you have the right attitude about it :)

    Can't wait to hear about it!


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