Monday, June 24, 2013


I know a celebrity. He's kind of a big deal. I mean, he's in a band!

A few weekends ago, Josh, Mark and I headed out to Hiddencroft Vineyards to meet up with my roommate Katie and hear her dad's band play. That's right, he's in a band! The Elastic Waist Band to be exact. :)

After a yummy wine tasting, we each ordered a glass - I had the dry white... yum! - and listened to the band play in this gorgeous space.

Hiddencroft is certainly hidden. It's located near Lovettsville, VA and it's all gorgeous rolling hills and farms.

The tastings and band were set up in this GORGEOUS barn. The twinkle lights and the sun gleaming through the wood was just stunning. Josh and I kept staring around admiring the space.
Sadly, there are some holes in the roof and they don't do weddings, but man would this be pretty?!

Then the photo shooting began! It was a very fun afternoon filled with fun music, great covers and delicious wine. I loved singing along with the band and they were really talented.

It's amazing to me that they all have day jobs and have these amazing musical talents as well. I'm a fan of the Elastic Waist Band for life!


Look at these adorable little nuggets!

What a rock star!!!!!

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