Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Well I missed the 13th because I wasn't paying attention, but this blog keeps me honest and before July hits, I'm donating 13 things for June!

  1. Wool work jacket that is too big
  2. Black tee I've had since high school and haven't worn in over 8 years
  3. College 'going out' tank. Ahhh memories
  4. Purple tank that fits weirdly
  5. Work shirt that I don't wear
  6. Old Candle
  7. Old Candle
  8. This shirt shows a little too much when I lean over
  9. Wristlet I don't use and someone else will love!
  10. Broken hoops. Loved these :(
  11. Significant Others bracelet... loved college A Capella!
  12. This shirt is mildly see-through
  13. Fun bag but I have too many bags, passing on a good one to someone who can use it!

Out with the old and hopefully in with the new! :)

What are you willing to donate this summer? What is something new you're craving?

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