Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I am THRILLED to announce the official launch of 22nd Street Imaging. This has been a labor of love for Josh and I am so proud of him for creating such beautiful work and for building a beautiful website to showcase it.

A talented photographer and videographer, he specializes in headshots, engagement portraits, and wedding videos, but he can do so much more.

My favorite thing about his new business is his vision. In Josh's words, "I wanted a place where people could go to have their unique adventure told. It was born out of a desire for you to be able to tell YOUR story the way that you want it to be told."

Capture your unique adventure - I love it!

No story is the same. Each face has a thousand memories and stories and lessons learned. I feel like you can see who people really are in his shots, and in the videos, you almost feel like you are at the event. It's magical really. 

I am so proud and so excited to see all of the wonderful work that Josh will do with 22nd Street Imaging. If you need pictures or videos of your unique adventure, I urge you to get in touch with Josh. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. :)

*note: this post was not sponsored. all opinions are my own.

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