Thursday, August 15, 2013


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Dinner has become a much needed break from the race of life. The hustle of the city mutes itself as I step into my apartment, close the door behind me, and breathe a sigh of relief. I exhale, home.

After a long day of playing adult, I melt into my apartment. The shoes come off first and I wiggle at the feeling of my bare feet on the wood. Walking into my room, I strip off the other layers, discarding them as I move barefooted, effortlessly.

Legs in sweatpants, clean face, hair up, I am ready to begin my meal. I prepare myself for the dinner just as I prepare the dinner for myself.

Standing in the kitchen alone is such a gift. I chew silently thinking what it is that I want. Aloneness gives me the chance to know myself. What a blessing to cook for my own tastes and cravings.

Smiling, I exhale again and wash the day off of my hands. I pour a glass of red wine and take a lingering sip, hand on hip, staring blankly into the refrigerator, and enjoying the gift of time and the peace of a personal decision.

Onions are my favorite vegetable; I put them into everything and tonight is no exception. I chop half an onion roughly between sips of wine and throw it carelessly into a skillet with warmed olive oil. Rinsing asparagus, I break off the ends and toss the remaining spears into the skillet with the onion. I rinse my hands and the sound of the water and my breath are the music of quietude – they calm my mind.

I slice some raw chicken and add it to the skillet. More olive oil. More salt. More pepper. I throw in the seasonings with wild abandon as the master of my own plate. I feel no responsibility, no pressure, no need to please: feelings that consume my thoughts most days.

Smelling my concoction, I exhale and taste the delicious mess. With a refilled glass of wine, I sit and eat the meal I prepared for myself, not even realizing that I am alone. I am in good company.

*Story submitted to Kinfolk Magazine March 2013 - 101 in 1001 #68. Submit an Article to Kinfolk. :)


  1. A meal is just not the same without a glass of red. My shoes are the first thing I take off too! Relief! :-)

    1. So glad you agree! And though I love my shoes, I love taking them off even more!

  2. Such a great story Maureen! Cooking for myself is one of my favorite and most relaxing things to do!

    1. I know! There is just something magical about how calm it makes me feel!


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