Thursday, August 1, 2013


August. You are here. I am stunned!

I remember at the beginning of the year how excited I was for 2013. My year of change. And boy has it lived up to my expectations.

Lately, I've been feeling a bit frazzled. This isn't new for me. I tend to do it all the time. It's a very clear pattern with me. I like to be busy, to accomplish things. Well this can be a good thing but it can also run me ragged.

Since I pledged myself to create intentional time things have already kind of slipped back to normal. Instead of being upset or discouraged that I'm not meeting my goals, I've decided to just take that information and make a new decision.

Example: I had wanted to work out after work from 5:30-6:30pm each day. I haven't been able to do this at all. It's not practical or possible on some days to do this and still get home in time for dinner plans, etc. So I shall try exercising in the morning and see what that tells me.

In August my goal for myself is to SLOW DOWN and to live authentically. What does my body tell me it wants? Am I still enough to listen?

Are you feeling rushed through your life? August is here to tell us to STOP rushing around. Be still. I don't know what I'll hear, but I'm excited to find out!


  1. That is a great goal for August. I totally agree! Summer always has you rushing and running, while usually to fun things, it's exhausting.

    I'm going to focus on relaxing and enjoying my last month because grad school starts.

  2. I did RUSH things and got sick!!! So I've been trying to slow down for a few months now.. but is not easy!!! :'(


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