Thursday, August 8, 2013


You're welcome. :) I hope you laugh as hard as I do!

I actually LOVE this picture of my brother. This is him at his happiest.
Mom was SUCH  a good sport about taking pictures with me. :)
Kevin was not as helpful as Kathy in indulging my picture taking.

AHAHAHAHA Mom had just accidentally stepped on Kev's foot. 

Josh didn't tell the rest of us he was ready...

You can already see Kevin trying to ruin the picture by shoving Kathy's feet in my face

Annnnd success - He has his happy face on now!

 And all of our furry little companions for the week!


  1. Lovely pictures, they really capture the fun you are all having. They made me smile. :-)

    1. Thank you Rachel! I'm so glad they made you smile. We had so much fun and the goofiness in our pictures is indicative of that. :)

  2. Hahaha, LOVE the beach pics -- looks like fun! I stumbled over from The Story of my Life. *wave* Hi!


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