Friday, August 30, 2013


It's Friday. And we have a long weekend. Yes. Yes, one million times.

I am smitten with these initial necklaces from Fifth & Mae. I'm getting a little 'm' for myself as an early birthday present. Thanks to Rosa for posting about them and getting me hooked!

I'm very much looking forward to spending some time with this guy.

We are moving Grandpa into his new apartment this weekend. He will no longer have to be at the physical therapy rehab center for his broken leg. He is a TROOPER and is walking again. Before I start crying (I get so emoshi about this and how proud of him I am), I'm also helping to make his apartment a home by designing him a gallery wall for his living room. I spent two and half hours last night going through pictures from the past 3-4 years and picking the best ones of our family. I'm hanging everything tonight with Mom and I'm so excited! I'll let you know how it turns out. He is such a cutie!

I can't figure out google +. Someone please tell me I'm normal. I am going to dedicate a few hours of this long weekend to updating my profile and adding all of your beautiful faces to my circles. If you have any tips let me know! And leave me a message or connect with me on google + here. I have never understood my grandpa's pain with technology fully until now. :)


  1. Your grandpa is so cute! I am sure he is going to love having a cute gallery wall designed by you and your mom!

  2. Your grandpa is too cute!! I have an initial necklace with my first initial on it and wear it all the time. It's great to wear with everything because its small and delicate. I don't think I want to switch to google +, it looks so complicated! Enjoy your long weekend!


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