Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Look at that happy couple! And what a first kiss! :)

Josh and I spent last weekend celebrating the wedding of my friends Kate and Matt. Kate was in Alpha Phi with me and as she and Matt have been together since our sophomore year, he's practically family too. 

The weekend was jam-packed with seeing friends from college, giggling about the past, dancing our faces off, and hugging. I'm a girl, what can I say?

The wedding ceremony took place on campus at the Sheil Catholic Center. This is where I went to church (with Kate and Matt) during school, so it was very surreal to be back there. I felt almost like I had stepped into the past at the same time that my friends were moving into the future. 

Kate was a STUNNING bride - classic and elegant as she always is. Her moms beamed with pride as they walked her down the aisle. This is where I started crying. Let's just say that by communion I was a weeping mess!

The handsome groom with the priest. 
Matt is one of the most open-hearted and kind men. I am so thrilled that he will love our dear Kate forever!

After the ceremony, the happy couple took pictures and Josh and I frolicked around Northwestern. 
(This really means that I dragged Josh alllllll over campus telling stories and tearing up and missing college like crazy. He is a patient man.)

Deering Library is my favorite spot on campus. FAVORITE. 
It's NU's historic library and they have all the music in there now. I used to spend hours in there copying sheet music. I'm nerdy and I own it. 

This is the rock. Ah the rock. It's an NU tradition to paint it for a special event or advertisement. You have to guard it though, otherwise anyone can paint over it. 
Kate and Matt FOREVER!

The reception was at the Union League Club of Chicago. It was gorgeous and the most fun. Kate and Matt kept extending the DJ and the bar... I may or may not have danced until 1:30am. That's when this happened. It was glorious. 

Phi love.

Phis plus our man Matt!

And there's my man. I just love him.

Thank you to Kate and Matt for including me in their beautiful wedding.
Commence me crying that I don't live in Chi with all of my friends. 

*Thank you to Allison for letting me wear her dress!!!!!!

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