Thursday, September 5, 2013


Well this post speaks for itself. I've had long hair for almost 2 years so I decided to chop it off. This hair cut was back in late June. So if you haven't noticed yet... you can see the transformation!

The day of the cut...
(Yes, I did ask the receptionist to take before and after photos...)

101 in 1001 #5. Get my hair cut into a different style

It was a big change at first. I didn't know what to do with myself and I couldn't just pull my hair back. I think the biggest thing I noticed was the little bang-y things. 

The entire hair cut was done with a razor and while my hair is straight and fine, it actually worked really well. I went to the Jon David Salon in Arlington. 

I wish I could say I knew what I was doing, but this was an impulse thing. I had been thinking about it for a while and then I decided at work on a Friday that today was the day. And so I googled. And they had an appointment and I went. 


While I had to wait a while after my appointment time, when I finally saw Kuki (pronounced cookie) she was great. She could tell this was a big deal for me and talked me through the whole thing. I wanted to go even shorter (can you believe it!?) and she talked me out of it. Gently. I think she didn't want me to have a heart attack. 

Anyway, it's hair. And I like mine. But it will grow back. 
And then I can cut it into something cool and new again!

Which do you prefer? Long or Short?


  1. You look great!!! I love chopping off my hair every few years. It's like a fresh start and your head feels so much lighter ;)

  2. I love short! I tend to grow out my hair, chop/donate and have a super short do, and start all over again. You look great either way!


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