Friday, October 18, 2013


In honor of my year of transformation (I decided 2013 was going to be called the Year of Change), here are a few of my favorite before and after shots. Happy Friday!

I was absolutely elated to announce my new redesign and giveaway on my birthday. My first blog 'design' was something I had made in PowerPoint, so it was nice to have a professional upgrade that fit more with my vision. :)

As part of my 101 in 1001 challenge I resolved to cut my hair into something new. I liked it so much, that when I cut it again, I decided to keep it shorter!

Number Three: The Magic of Baked Goods
I love baking. These paleo sticky buns looked a little odd when I was making the dough, but they turned out to be a hit!

Number Four: Wedding Hair
Haha isn't this hilarious!? Thank you iphone for this amazingly terrible before picture. I've gone to a lot of weddings this year, but I think my hair turned out the best at Allison's!

Number Five: Spring Cleaning
It felt so good to get my drawers organized when I first started the Throw Away 13 Things series. I wish they still looked like this... but that's why I review my wardrobe each month.

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  1. what a fun 5 on friday theme!!!! and what an example you lead by embracing change. love it!! love the blog too :) :)


  2. I love before and after pictures... of anything! Thank you for sharing.

  3. i'm in a perpetual state of spring cleaning. :) when i was preg everyone asked me if i was in nesting mode yet. i was like...i've been in it my entire life. :)

    thought i would show some linkup love! new follower!

    check it yo -


  4. Thanks so much Elise! Change is gonna happen... we might as well embrace it. :)

  5. Thanks Nikki - me too! I feel like before and after pictures tell their own story!

  6. Totally agree about spring cleaning Karli. Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to check out your blog too!

  7. This has felt like the Year of Change for me, too! After the wedding, I'm definitely chopping my hair short. It's naturally wavy/curly and often has more style when I don't let it get too long . . . so why do I ever?! Laziness, probably. But I feel you on switching things up!


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