Monday, October 7, 2013


Josh and I randomly picked up Divergent, by Veronica Roth, in the book store last month not knowing anything about it. We were looking for a book to read together to discuss and this one was ten bucks. We thought the cover looked interesting and when we read the plot summary we were like, "Sure. This sounds good."

Apparently we pick our books based on cover illustrations.

Well after about halfway through the book, we were hooked. We had been trying to read it together but that was proving too hard, so I raced through it in a few evenings spent in the bath and on my couch (heaven!) and now Josh is racing through it. I'm already mostly through book II in the series, Insurgent, and it's just as good.

I'm going to do my best to give you my impressions of the book without any spoilers, although you should hurry up and read it fast because the movie is coming out soon.

Josh and I went to the National Book Festival on the mall and saw Veronica speak. I love her because she was at Northwestern when I was. We could have been in the same writing classes. I also love her because she is 25, super smart, and has three books and a major motion picture coming out. How can you not love a talented, empowered woman?!

All right, Divergent...

If you like the Hunger Games you will like this trilogy as well. The story centers around a young Beatrice Prior in a dystopian world centered in the remnants of Chicago. Five factions run the society all embodying a different value:

Abnegation: Selflessness
Candor: Honesty
Amity: Peacefulness
Erudite: Intelligence
Dauntless: Bravery

At 16 each member of society gets to take a test to determine which faction they are most suited for and then he/she can decide if they want to stay with their original faction or move to another one at the choosing ceremony

This is where we meet Beatrice--right at the beginning of her journey. Without giving anything away, she is faced with some unique challenges and as a result of her choice, her life will never be the same.

This book is a quick, fun read. Bring it on a plane, bring it to the gym, if you're lucky enough to live somewhere warm, read it poolside.

It's geared for young adults so don't expect Chaucer. Just love it for what it is: really fun to read, very intriguing, and thought-provoking about your own values.

Have you read Divergent?

What book is on your nightstand right now?


  1. This sounds really interesting!! Will definitely see if I can get it on my Kindle, you've got me intrigued! Sounds a little bit 1984-esque too, with the different Ministries they have (if I'm remembering it correctly haha!) xx

  2. FYI-Veronica Roth went to the same high school as KJ and probably attended at the same time.


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