Thursday, October 31, 2013


HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! I'm currently sitting in pjs on my couch with Josh watching Hocus Pocus. We handed out candy to three of the most adorable trick-or-treaters, ate a lot of candy, got our Booritos for $3 at Chipotle and we are now partaking in my favorite holiday tradition with the movie. 

It's pretty much been the perfect day since we won our work costume contest today. My marketing team and I were the Spice Girls. I will say Ryan as our Sporty Spice was our MVP. He was such a good sport!

As my Halloween present to you, please enjoy the hilarious walk down memory lane with all of my Halloween costumes from the past ten years. Treat for sure. :)

2013 - Ginger Spice

2012 - Cat
We passed out candy and carved pumpkins, so I threw on a little easy costume to be festive.
2011 - Taylor Swift 
Josh threw a Halloween party just so I could have an excuse to dress up. This was right before we started dating. :)
2010 - Liz Lemon from 30 Rock
Amanda and I went to a friend's house. We had all just volunteered in the Dominican Republic together. Also, those cheese balls were clutch. 
2009 - Miley Cyrus
I made that shirt. Which I loved. This was the Liz Lemon Wig before I chopped it short. I wore this costume to my office party and it was a hit! I pretty much sang Party in the USA all night. I went to another party the next night that year and did a little Marilyn with my short hair!
2008 - Cat
I think this was when I bought the cat costume. I was living in Manhattan waiting tables at this point. I had to work that night and I went to Deanna's apartment after for a party. We then tried to take a cab to the Village. Never try to take a cab in NYC on Halloween. The traffic was terrible and I ended up just staying in it and riding all the way home. My cabby let me practice my French on him. And let's just say I was a bit hungover the next day!
2007 - Corpse Bride
This was my senior year in college and probably my favorite costume of all time! I found that wedding dress on ebay for $20 and used my stage make up to do a bullet hole. It was awesome!
2006 - Annie Oakley
EAT at it's finest Junior year of college. Deanna was my favorite this year because she couldn't decide if she was an elf or the Jolly Green Giant's side kick. haha.

2005 - Marilyn Monroe
Sophomore year at the Gigio's Halloween Party. I was really excited about this costume because I thought the wig looked so realistic. Laughable!

2004 - 80's Barbie
Freshman year was the year I really fell in love with Halloween. This was the first year EAT all went out together and we had so much fun. Eric was no longer wearing that shirt by the end of the night and I'm pretty sure there are still pieces of chain link in the sidewalk by Jones. Legendary.

What were you for Halloween?


  1. Fun costumes! We did a group costume at work yesterday, too: the Village People. I was the sailor. :) We totally practiced a routine and performed in front of our entire office, too, and it was really fun! And not nearly as embarrassing as I worried it would be, haha. :)

  2. So jealous you had a routine! We'll have to do that for next year!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog! Love these Halloween costumes. Especially the T Swift :)

  4. Thanks Valerie! I love me some Taylor so that was a really fun costume. Josh also helped me learn one of her songs so that I could (kind of) play it and sing all night! I was terrible but it was hilarious.


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