Thursday, October 10, 2013


Well, it's been a few months since my last Throw Away 13 Things post, but I'm more than making up for it this month.

This month, my favorite month, I'm giving away 13 MILLION things. Ok, I'm giving away 57 things but the cool part is that they went directly to a girls orphanage in Peru at which I've volunteered at twice through CBC.

When I was cleaning out my closet with the girls in mind, it was easy to just say, "They will love this more than I do," with an open heart.

Here's what was donated:
  1. Costume hat for a work event
  2. Cubs t-shirt
  3. Silk polka dot pjs
  4. Toms bag
  5. Little Teddy
  6. Sweatpants (these were  my brothers and I love them but it was time)
  7. Coin purse
  8. PJ pants (worn on both volunteer trips to Peru)
  9. Cell phone charger
  10. My first smart phone
  11. Screen protectors
  12. Black dress
  13. NYC sweatshirt. It's a kid's sweatshirt I bought on the street's of New York for $5 when I was in high school and still in love with it. I wore this sweatshirt for YEARS. It looks like Flashdance on me. And it makes me really happy. But it is also not age-appropriate anymore. So I'm sending it to some little girls who will love it because it says New York. 
  14. Leopard dress
  15. Hawaiian dress (loved this guy... not so age appropriate anymore though)
  16. Gold dress
  17. Prop shirt used for my karaoke team to look like Taylor Swift in this video
  18. Race shirt. Great to sleep in. Takes up too much room... onward!
  19. Sleep shirt
  20. NU Sailgate t-shirt (ohhhhh the memories with KJ)
  21. Extra shirt from making Peter's moustache shirts when he came back from deployment
  22. Kennedy Center Opera in the Outfield T-shirt
  23. White tee
  24. Purple tee
  25. Karaoke Season 1 t-shirt (see #17)
  26. Lululemon tennis skirt that doesn't fit. I don't think it ever fit. Plus, why did I think it was ever a good idea to exercise in a skirt?!
  27. Long shorts wore to Peru on trip 1

28. Long jean shorts (why!?)
29. White pants. These I wore in high school and they were slammin'. Now I put an apostrophe to replace the 'g' in slamming and am therefore too old to wear these pants. Noted.
30-41. Tank Tops. A few notes: these all still fit me, but I have too many of them. And the girls at the orphanage have barely enough clothing. 'Nuff said. Except that #39 I wore in the one professional play I did before I started working for the man. :)

42. Black shirt that I wore to a thousand auditions in college. Probably also to a thousand bars. Gotta love a good black shirt.
43. Another race t-shirt. Yeah, I used to run. Then I decided it hurt too much. But I did the Chicago Half Marathon, a bunch of 5ks and 10ks. And I got some sweet t-shirts, that I am now donating. 
44. MILEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. People, I have professed my love for the original Miley Cyrus but this is how serious it was. I dressed up as Miley for Halloween 2009. I made this t-shirt at 5:30am before work to wear to our office Halloween event that night. Just me, iron-on pink fuzzy letters, and love. I love this shirt. Love love love. But I am also turning 28 next week, so while I have been known to still wear this shirt (to the gym, to bed, to the grocery store... whoops) the time has come to move on.
45. Teal shirt that never looked good on me.
46. "Everyone Loves a Catholic Girl." Very approps for the orphanage. The nuns will love it on the little ladies. :)
47-52. Clean undies that I never really wore because they fit me terribly. Ok, I know what you're thinking - ew. Well first, they are CLEAN. And Second, when you are a 13 year old girl and you don't have underwear, you need some.
53. Wonky shirt.
54. Shirt I wore to Peru on trip 2

 Here we are at the girls' orphanage on Trip #2!

55. Karaoke shirt from season 2 (see #17)
56. Purse I LOVED in college. 
57. Candle that I re-purposed into a tray that is now taking up too much space on my bookshelf because I have a growing collection of books. 


So there you have it. I sent it all with the CBC group heading to Peru in September so they could give it to the girls. After going on a mission trip each year for the past three years, I was really sad not to be going back to Peru. I didn't get to see the girls at the orphanage, and I didn't get to see my family that I sponsor by giving $25 for food each month, but I did get to send them presents and clothes. And that was almost as good as being there. 

And I got pictures of the girls in Peru actually receiving the clothes!

My adorable family in Peru :)

Are you interested in donating 13 things each month to a good cause, your local Salvation Army, or Goodwill? I have a goal in my 101 in 1001 challenge to start a blog movement (#11). This is what I would like to start: a monthly link-up of bloggers all donating 13 things... next year 14 for 2014. 

Big or small, every little bit helps. Shoot me an email if you are interested in participating!


  1. This post made me smile. I wish that I had 13 things to donate, but with moving so much I'm already down to the bare essentials. You have such a kind heart <3

  2. Thanks Kym! Your comment meant a lot.

    I know what you mean about moving... I moved in January and donated bags and bags of things! To be honest I didn't really remember I had them! haha.

  3. This is so brilliant Maureen, and so great that you know it's going to people you know will really appreciate it! I need to do a big clean out and donate a load of things, there are definitely people who need it more than I do! x

  4. This is wonderful! I just moved in with my fiance over the weekend and totally took a "not everything can come" approach to cleaning out my room and closet. Whenever I feel sad about donating clothing, especially, I think about how excited someone might be to find it on the shelves of their local Goodwill. I try to regularly purge and streamline my belongings and not focus on "stuff," so I would definitely be interested in participating in a link-up down the line!


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