Friday, October 11, 2013


Josh and I have been to six weddings this year.
Amazing, beautiful, full-of-love weddings.
We are so blessed to be able to celebrate with our friends.
And now...

Nate and Beth!!!!

Here are my Top 5 Moments from their gorgeous wedding!

1. The Church
They got married at St. Joseph's on Capitol Hill and it was stunning!
Plus I got to make three wishes since I had never been there before. :)

2. The Couple
Beth and Nate just looked so happy all night. It was a wonderful way to watch their love come together!

3. The Dress
Beth was just beautiful and the dress was so flattering and elegant and classy. Totally Beth!

4. The Company
We got to see Peter and Stephanie + Beth and Nate... so much fun.

5. The Boys
I love getting to watch Peter and Josh together. Josh is so happy whenever Peter is around and they are just two of the most hilarious people. I am so glad Josh has a lifelong friend in Peter, and even more glad (selfishly) that I have a friend in Peter too. 

Special bonus pictures...
Last Saturday, in addition to Beth's wedding, we also had the baptism for Josh's Godson Daniel.

What does this mean you ask?
Well, our day looked like this:

Maureen drives to Reston, VA for rehearsal (45 minutes outside of the city).
Maureen drives to Arlington, VA to get Josh (35 minute drive).
Maureen and Josh drive to the wedding ceremony on Capitol Hill and nail a sweet parking spot.
Maureen and Josh sit through full mass number 1.
Maureen and Josh watch Beth get married, cry tears of joy, and then race out of the church.
Maureen and Josh frantically drive back out to Reston, VA for the Baptism.
Maureen and Josh sit through full mass number 2.
Daniel is baptized!!!
Maureen takes rushed pictures with Josh and his adorable Godson.
Maureen and Josh get back in the car, race to find a gas station, then race back into downtown D.C. for the reception.
Maureen and Josh swing into awesome parking spot number 2 (God must have known we were in church for 2 hours!) and run into the Mayflower hotel on Connecticut.
Maureen and Josh see Beth and Nate and the wedding party in the hall ready to process in, give quick hugs, and race to our seats. 
Maureen and Josh finally start to breathe again.
Maureen and Josh dance the night away. :)

I finally got to hold sweet little Daniel the next day at lunch. Look at him!!!!

Five on Friday link-up :)


  1. wedding just never gets old!!!! love it!


  2. Legit SO MANY WEDDINGS! But it's all wonderful and really fun to celebrate with friends :)


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