Friday, October 4, 2013


1. Family
All four of Peter's siblings were able to celebrate his wedding with him.
With five kids in the family, I'm sure it isn't easy to get everyone together.
But here they are and it makes me so happy.
It was really fun to watch them interact and laugh with each other throughout the day.

2. Best Friends
Even though Peter was the man of the hour, he never stopped being his goofy self.
I love him so much!
Josh was the best man and watching these two together all day also warmed my heart.
It's really cool to see two friends who are so loyal to each other, who support each other through everything, and who don't have to work that hard to do it.
They are just there for each other.
In life as friends.
In pictures as photobombers. ;)

3. Love.
I mean am I right?
Look at how beautiful these two are.
So glad that Stephanie is in our lives.

4. The Weather.
It. Was. Perfect.
We got a little hot while we were taking pictures in downtown Indianapolis but I didn't mind.
It was sunny and just beautiful.
When we left to drive home on Sunday it was pouring rain
and it made the city seem like a different place.
I can't believe how blessed we were with the weather for the wedding!

5. The Best Man Speech
Josh made me cry.
In fact, he made everyone in the ballroom cry.
Friends since high school, Josh and Peter are obviously more like brothers.
And it's really cool.
I was so proud of him. Knowing how nervous Josh was to make the speech good, I was sending him positive vibes the whole time. But he didn't need them.
He just spoke from the heart and we could all tell how much he loves Peter and how happy he is for his best friend. 


  1. love it!! weddings are THE BEST! never get old!

    found you on the linkup...yay!!



  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Elise!!!


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