Wednesday, November 13, 2013


It is with deepest gratitude that I want to thank everyone for their warm wishes about our engagement.  I am overwhelmed with love and am so happy to be celebrating such a happy occasion.

It's pretty much awesome.

Now because I strive to be authentic, I will also let you all in on a little secret: It's also really stressful. Good stressful for the most part but man oh man I wasn't prepared haha. We have barely begun!

Josh and I are still trying to take a week before we start planning but that is hard. Our loved ones want to know when we are setting the date and as a Type A, planner-loving nerdsicle the idea that I don't know yet is driving me crazy.

There are many things that will need to be sorted before we can set a date. And I keep reminding myself that they will come in time, but this post is a reminder to myself not to forget why I'm so excited to get married.

This is why I am happy about being engaged. This face of the adorable man carving a pumpkin (the Halloween before we started dating) because he knew how much I loved the holiday and wanted to make it special for me. I get to marry the thoughtful man who left work early to drive through rush hour to buy me Hocus Pocus so I could watch it while we carved. And that is just one sweet memory out of countless.

And there it is, I'm swooning again. Phew!

I asked Josh to think of the five things that are the most important to him when it comes to our wedding. I am going to take some time to reflect and do the same. I want to make sure that before we get lost in both the joy and the stress of wedding logistics that we set intentions and priorities for ourselves. 

I don't want to miss this season of our life. I want to remember each moment. 

That sounds harder than planning a wedding. ;)

Thank you again for all of your kind words of congratulations. As I type this, I'm still staring at the ring.  Sorry I'm not sorry. It's just so pretty!

For those of you who are married already, please feel free to leave a comment with your words of advice. What was your favorite part about being engaged?


  1. 1. The biggest thing: Truly knowing that you are starting the rest of your life with the person you love.

    2. Knowing that all of the work for your wedding will all pay off because your day will be one of the best days of your life (it really is true even if it is hard to see during the planning stage)!

    3. And of course, really becoming a part of another person's family :)

  2. Being married is wonderful because I married my best friend. While we were engaged I just loved talking with my fiance about out future and getting excited because we wanted the same thing for life together. As far as planning the wedding, the advice I give to all who are getting married is listen to your gut. It's your day as a couple. Do what YOU want as a couple. You want a small wedding? Do it. You want a big wedding? Do it. Just listen to your gut and no one else. You know what's right for you as a couple. Congrats and remember to breathe and take a moment everyday and enjoy.

  3. Love it! How excited were you to have a new label "MY WEDDING" :) I think you are smart to just take a week to soak it all in...heck take 2 if you need it, the planning will still be there! Just be prepared, however far you set your date, you will be getting the SAME QUESTIONS over and over and over the whole time leading up to the wedding. I was only engaged 3 months and was so done with the questions (when's the date? did you get a dress? what are the colors? are you so excited?how did he propose? where are you going to honeymoon?) Maybe you should just refer them to your blog haha!

  4. Right after Casey proposed, one of my coworkers shared that she loved being engaged...not that she didn't love being married...but that she cherished being engaged. I really didn't understand that sentiment at first, but it's true! There is a unique shared happiness that doesn't feel like anything else. The planning can be challenging, but it doesn't come close to disrupting or undermining that feeling. I was worried that the planning would be stressful or unpleasant so at my request we agreed to write monthly letters to each other about why we're engaged. The letters were wonderful, but as the date approached and neither of us felt stressed about the planning, they weren't 100% necessary as a strategic anti-stress tool. We just turned that attention to our vows instead. Now sure, there were a few frustrating moments, but it doesn't change anything. You still get to marry the person you love and no other detail is worth the drama.
    Enjoy it! There's really no other feeling like it!


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