Monday, November 4, 2013


Josh and I celebrated two years of dating yesterday. To celebrate the day we each made each other home made presents (each had to stay under $25) and we spent the entire day together.

I woke Josh up early and surprised him with a pre-planned hike. After a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast (not part of the $25 present) we headed to the Great Falls Tavern Visitor's Center in Maryland and spent five hours hiking through the most gorgeous fall foliage.

After some advice from our friend Mark and some thorough research on the best hiking trails in the area, I chose the Billy Goat Trail Hike as it offered easy walking, challenging rock scrambles, and beautiful views of the Potomac River. (Warning, they charge $5 to park at the visitor's center. I am grateful that Josh didn't force me to count this as part of the $25 since I didn't know... I would have been over!)

I chose to take Josh on a hike for two reasons. First, we hiked Old Rag together right before we started dating two years ago and it is one of my favorite memories with him. We talked the entire day and just as it is now, it was effortless to be with him. And second, the present I made Josh was adventure themed and I wanted to give it to him in the middle of our trek.

 For his anniversary present, I made Josh a picnic blanket and packed a whole lunch for the middle of our hike. The DIY instructions for the blanket will be coming in a separate post tomorrow!

After hiking Part A of the Billy Goat Trail (the difficult rock scramble) we started on Part B which was more secluded, more scenic, and a bit easier. I started getting really excited to give Josh his present. When we finally found a flat rock near the water, I couldn't wait any longer. I gave Josh the backpack and told him to open his present. Our picnic lunch and his blanket were in there and we then enjoyed our lunch in the sun. It was perfect and I think he really liked it!

The rest of the hike was gorgeous and we were pooped by the time we got back to our car. All-in-all I think we walked about 8 miles. When we got home, I promptly changed back into pjs for some lounge time and Josh gave me my present. 

HE MADE ME COASTERS! I was so nervous because all day he had said that the present wasn't good and he didn't want to give it to me because he didn't make it... the whole time he was tricking me! The four coasters are handmade by Josh and feature pictures he's taken: one of us, William and Mary, Northwestern, and when we picked sunflowers.

He spent seven hours making them and said he had to go to five different stores to get all the pieces to make them. I couldn't love them more and let's be honest, I couldn't love him more.

We finished the night with church, Chipotle, and Homeland and it was pretty much the perfect fall day. I couldn't have asked for anything better. :)

Thank you also to everyone who entered the Fifth and Mae Giveaway. Andrea was picked randomly (3rd comment) as the lucky winner and has been contacted so she can collect her prize!


  1. Congrats on your two years! You guys look so happy and great. I love the billy goat trail, and it was the perfect place for your adventure. I wish you many more to come :D

  2. Thank you so much!! We loved the trail and had a blast. I was SO TIRED last night though. haha

  3. Love the gifts -- the blanket and coasters are both awesome! That does look like the perfect anniversary and the perfect fall day. :) I love Great Falls, and I've actually never visited the Maryland side. The views from Virginia's overlooks are pretty spectacular, and I can only imagine how lovely it is this time of year!

  4. Adorable!! Love the presents. Glad you guys got to enjoy the day.
    Xo, KJ


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