Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I love pumpkin flavored anything. It's no secret. Here's the next installment of the pumpkin beer tasting series. And if you missed them, Part I, Part II, and Part III.


Pumpkin Ale
Utica, NY

Tasting notes:
-Really like this one
-Nice and light and fluffy and fresh
-Taste the pumpkin and spices right off the bat
-I taste hints of cinnamon and cloves and light ginger
-A bit of citrus in there
-Could drink more than one of these not too heavy


Imperial Pumpking
Southern Tier Brewing Company
Lakewood, NY

Tasting notes:
-Light in color
-Butter and warm flavors right on the first taste
-Doesn't taste quite like pumpkin more like butternut squash
-There is almost a toasted coconut taste at the beginning of each sip
-I think it could actually be like a yellow cake kind of flavor
-Kettle corn... maybe it's kettle corn
-Overall I like it but it's a bit strong and not as pumpkin-y as I wanted
-I think I may be more harsh on this one because everyone told me I would love it
-Interesting, but I couldn't have more than one
-It was hard to finish actually


Pumpkin Wheat
Anheuser Busch
St. Louis, MO

Tasting notes
Josh says "This tastes like pure pumpkin." ... but he didn't drink the rest of it. And then he said, "I guess  I don't like pumpkin beer."

My thoughts:
-I actually really like this one
-It's very mild, not strong at all and very autumnal
-Pretty sure I say that about all of these...
-This one has a strong pumpkin flavor
-Not sweet but smooth
-Easy to drink (not surprising with Shock Top) and I could have more than one and not feel sick
-A little bit of orange and cherry in this one


Gruntled Pumpkin Ale
RJ Rockers Brewery
Spartanburg, SC

Tasting Notes:
-Very smooth with a bit of spice on the finish
-Hints of pumpkin and squash
-Almost citrus-y as an aftertaste
-Not super heavy but not a lite beer, nice consistency
-Orange, cinnamon, and cloves
-Not very sweet at all, more natural tasting
-I like this one and could have more than one without feeling too full or sick from sugar


Pumpkin Ale
Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn, NY

Tasting Notes:
-"Mmmm that's good." -Josh
-A little sweet with a spicy kick
-Tastes like an octoberfest but not that much like pumpkin
-Flavors of ginger and cloves
-It is not overwhelmingly pumpkin but uses the pumpkin as a means of spice
7.5 / 10

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  1. Pumpking is manufactured very close to my fiance's hometown, but I've actually never tried it! Sounds like the Saranac version is the one to beat, though.


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