Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Part V is here! See Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV here if you missed them.

This is likely the last installment of my pumpkin beer tasting series. I think it's appropriate that the pumpkin goodness ends right before Thanksgiving. Pumpkins are still appropriate people. Christmas trees... not so much, not until Friday anyway.

I am a firm believer (likely because my mom is this way) that Christmas doesn't start until after Thanksgiving. We have to give each holiday it's time to shine.

This year for Thanksgiving, I'm away from home. It's an odd feeling but also an exciting one as I'm in Naples, Florida meeting my soon-to-be family. Josh's Grandaddy is turning 80 and so his Dad's entire family is here to celebrate. Last night I met everyone for the first time and while I am still quizzing myself on names, It was really exciting.

I love people. I get such joy from meeting new face and learning new stories that I am in pig heaven meeting the Goldman clan. There is such a sense of warmth and familiarity when you are around a big family and even though I'm the newcomer they are giving me such a warm welcome.

I am thankful for many things this season, and my ever-growing family is one of them. :)


Tasting notes:
-Oh Sam, always so easy to drink
-Very pumpkin-y but not sweet pumpkin
-Lite and smooth, not bitter or too hoppy
-Tastes of squash and more savory than sweet
-I like it, nothing special but very pleasant


Tasting Notes
-Really nice flavor
-Very smooth and easy to drink
-Flavors of pumpkin but not too sweet
-Ginger and wheat on the aftertaste
-Nice flavors of pumpkin but very subtle
-I really like this one


Pumpkin Ale
Blue Point Brewing Company
Long Island, NY

Tasting Notes
-First taste was delicious
-Not too much pumpkin on the taste but very light and easy to drink
-Don't get me wrong, it's no Miller Lite, it's got flavor, but it won't fill you up
-More pumpkin and molasses on the finish
-Not saccharine sweet
-Hints of ginger and cinnamon
-Overall easy to drink and yummy

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