Thursday, December 12, 2013


Everyone stop what you are doing and watch this video immediately. This is my littlest cousin and he is a wise, wise sage. Also, let's talk about how he is now a vlogger... :)

Just some wise words of his below. I'm thinking they are my new life anthem. Although I guess I missed the boat about getting married in college. haha. 

This is me here again
I just know.
I'm gonna get married.
Ok. When I'm in college, I'm just gonna get married. 
When I get married, it's gonna be awesome.
Nope it's not gonna be awesome actually.
Because when I get married I'm going to have to do lots of stuff and make kisses all the time.
But when I get kissed, 
It's gonna be hard work.
Hard haaaaard work.

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