Monday, December 23, 2013


Twas two days before Christmas and stuck here at work,
Maureen was still stewing, she felt like a jerk.

"How could I be so behind this year?" she was thinking.
"No wrapping, no boxes, no labels with inking!
I've been so busy shopping but not ready yet,
For each present is purchased but, wrapped... man, forget!"

There she sat and she scowled while her muffin she chewed,
Loading the car in the rain, now she looked like a dude.
"Why bother?!" said she as she muscled her hair.
With the rain and the wind, she no longer cared.

But just then as she stared blankly right into space,
God put a thought in her heart and a smile on her face.
"My presents are ballin' that can't be denied,
But Christmas is really about what's inside!"

Newly committed to the thought of spreading good cheer,
Maureen found the love she'd been craving all year.
Her thoughts drifted to her brand new fiancé,
He made her laugh so hard when he danced like Beyonce.

And Mom, Kev, Kathy, Mr. Lee, Grandpa to boot,
They were all more exciting than any Christmas loot.
The Delahuntys and Goldmans would all share a meal,
And Maureen would stuff herself silly, she already could feel

A food baby starting in anticipatory joy,
And heck, after Christmas she'd see Rachels' new baby boy.
She'd hug Dad and Patti and kiss Julia's sweet cheeks.
Her heart would be so full, she'd feel love for weeks.

Coming back to reality, she felt a soft tear
And realized with gratitude Who had brought her here.
"Thank you Lord," she prayed (quite softly while crying),
"For reminding me that Christmas is not about buying

All the gifts in the world but rather to remember
The people you hold dear through your life in December.
Thank you for Your son, and the promise of heaven,
For my family and friends, and Lord even for Kevin.

Just kidding, he knows that I love him, don't worry.
But seriously, thank you for calming my flurry.
I am blessed beyond measure and I'll strive to make clear
That each day is a blessing and year upon year,

I will cherish each Christmas and while I give presents,
I'll make sure I don't get so stressed I turn into a menace."
Blessing herself, she looked and saw the rain shimmer
And she felt with her gratitude the most subtle glimmer

Of hope that her loved ones would feel this joy too.
Merry Christmas to all, may your love for mankind be ever made new.


  1. Thank you sweet Meg. And thank you for your cheery and thoughtful comments on my blog. I get so excited to hear from you. Can't wait to hear all about your Christmas!

  2. loved the poem haha! merry christmas!

  3. Thank you Jenn! Merry Christmas to you! I am eagerly excited for the day after Christmas when I can hear about everyone's holidays. :)


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